Morningside Consultations

Please select an appointment type below to make a booking:

First Consultation

A first consultation, in which the presenting concern is explored, may take up to 50 minutes to an hour.

Please note that medical aid tariffs are accepted subject to arrangemennt.

(1 hour)
ZAR 990.00

Individual Session

An individual session typically takes up to 50 minutes to an hour.

(1 hour)
ZAR 990.00

Couples Session

Typically a couples session takes 1 hour 30 minutes. Booking a two hour session does not entail using up the entire duration.

Please note that medical aid payments are accepted subject to arrangemennt.

(2 hours)
ZAR 1,800.00

Family Session

A family session may take up to an hour to an hour fourty minutes depending on the therapeutic plan.

(2 hours)
ZAR 2,000.00

Psychometric Assessment

The duration depends on the purpose of the assessment. Assessments may take up to two hours to administer.

Ensure to check with your medical aid as some medical aids do not cover for this service.

Please note that the rate for the psychological report is a seperate fee.

(3 hours)
ZAR 3,500.00

Research Consultation

We offer writing consultancy services for academic research up to masters level.

(1 hour)
ZAR 800.00


We offer supervision and mentoring services to emerging psychologists. In particular undergraduate, honours and masters students. We also offer support to intern psychologists, community service psychologists and independent practice psychologists.

(1 hour)
ZAR 900.00

Parent Feedback Session

As part of a family intervention it is often necessary for feedback to be given to parents regarding the progress of their children in therapy. This typically takes anything between 30 minutes to an hour.

(1 hour)
ZAR 980.00